Why Your Home Is The Perfect Winter Home For Mice


As Autumn weather approaches we think of cooler weather, burning leaves, fall colors, and mice.
Mice? You didn’t have mice on your list? Well, you should. Most of us think of summer as the worst season for a variety of pests from mosquitoes to ants and generally expect the warm weather pests to slow down as the weather gets cooler. But fall and winter bring their own pest control challenges, especially when it comes to mice.

Home Sweet Home
Mice have the same basic needs as every other animal and insect: they need water, food, and a place to live. When the weather starts to cool down, mice are on the hunt for a warm, safe place to bed down and nest. Your home is probably a prime piece of real estate to these rodents for several reasons. There is probably food and water, and there is certainly a cozy spot here and there that would be an ideal place for a mouse to set up housekeeping.

It gets cold outside and a warm place to sleep, that means your home, is just too good to resist.
Everything mice need is right there in your home with the added benefit of security. Outside, mice are preyed upon by a wide range of predators, from house cats to passing hawks, and the safety of your home only adds to the appeal. What more could a mouse ask for!?

Not My House!
You may think of your home as secure and all buttoned up for winter, but mice are experts at getting into homes in ways that we just don’t consider. Every house has pipes, electrical lines and other things that go from the outside to the inside. That means cracks, crevices and other entry points that just aren’t very obvious. What may look like an impossibly small hole…