5 Reasons to Have a Business Blog

1. A business blog is the foundation of a solid online marketing strategy because it’s a way to connect with existing customers and create interest with new customers. A blog creates a bridge to other digital marketing elements like Facebook, newsletters, and emails.

2. About 70% of businesses who blog show a direct link between their business blog and acquiring more customers (Hubspot). Search engines reward companies that produce interesting, relevant content with their blog and the more content, the greater the reward. If your content is valuable, new and existing customers will reward you too…with their business.

3. A business blog establishes a company as an authority in their industry and provides an opportunity to talk about services, products, trending topics and more. It creates a “brand” or “voice” that tells people who a company really is and why they should do business with that company.

4. Blogging builds trust and relationships and that builds business. People still do business with people after all, and the interaction and feedback a blog provides is something you just can’t get with traditional marketing.

5. Maintaining a blog is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available today because of its wide reach and minimal investment, both in time and money. A recurring blog that offers value attracts search engines and that attracts customers.