Local Marketing is Back! (Here’s Why)

Google, SEO, algorithms and all that other digital marketing lingo can take some getting used to. It’s not so much that digital marketing is hard to learn, just hard to keep up with! Google is the go-to search engine these days and they are continuously updating their search engine criteria (algorithms) and rewarding companies that understand and use that criteria in their marketing. Nowhere is that more evident than local marketing.

Local marketing use to mean billboard signs, yellow pages and brochures. Now it means understanding how to position your company as the local “favorite” by creating a local presence. That local presence comes from your business blog, your interaction with your community and knowing how to get your business found in your hometown. Google has recently changed the way your customers find you with digital marketing and it can be summed up with one word: Local.

Without getting too technical, it simply means that the more localized your digital marketing is, the better your company will rank in search listings (SEO) making it easier than ever for your local market to find you. People want to do business with their neighbors and local marketing can make that happen. So let your customers know how proud you are to be a part of their community and give them reasons to do business with you by making your company easy to find and easy to pick as the local choice.